Welcome to the Farm!

We are growing plenty of healthy and nutritious diet options to feed your growing iPhones & iPod Touches. You're going to need plenty of plump, juicy apps to quench that insatiable appetite and that's where us farmers come in.

Organic Apps was built in 2009 to help folks get the simple bits of nutrition they need and want for their favorite devices. We pledge that apps we grow will be simple to use since we avoid the chemicals that add complexity without value. We also pledge that tools we create to make our lives easier will always be freely available to make your lives easier too.

Take a look at our garden...

Death Job app icon

Death Job

In classic cat and mouse fashion, play as Rip, a newly appointed “retirement representative” with the Reaper Agency. Your job is to catch up to those who have eluded their due retirement for far too long. Careful though, your “clients” are not thrilled about giving up life as they know it and will fight to the... death.

Chase after several recognizable parodies running for dear life. Dodge obstacles and attack incoming projectiles that stand in your way. Don’t let anything slow you down, because if you stray too far from your target...well, let’s just say you may outlive your usefulness. Enjoy this introductory, fast-paced game now!


  • Experience fast-paced 2D scroller action as you jump, dodge and attack projectiles trying to catch your target.
  • Easy intuitive controls: tap anywhere on the left half of the screen to jump and tap anywhere on the right to jump.
  • Six levels to traverse featuring comical and familiar characters...more levels to come soon.
  • Quality 2D graphics, artwork and animations.
StickerBook app icon


StickerBook allows you to add elements like smiley faces, mustaches, and more to your photos. Choose stickers from the sticker book and let your creativity run free!

StickerBook makes photos of friends, family and yourselves a bit more fun. Use it to call out a special occasion or just show what's on your mind. Create and share your Stickered photo in 3 easy steps:

  • Set your background by choosing a photo from your photo album or taking a new one with your camera*.
  • Add stickers ranging from speech bubbles to facial props from the sticker book then scale, rotate and flip them to make your scene.
  • Share your masterpiece through the e-mail and Facebook integration or just save it directly to a contact or your photos area.

Get StickerBook now to take advantage of free upgrades that are right around the corner.

Home app icon


Single tap access to find your way home from wherever you are!

Home is a GPS utility that allows convenient and easy routing home from your current location with a single tap. Forget trying to drive and configure the Maps application to find your way home after running the odd errand in a foreign place.

Your first launch of Home will prompt you for your home address. Once entered, the address is saved and all future launches of Home will auto-route immediately by passing your current location and home address to the Maps application. If necessary, you can update your home address in Home's preferences in the Settings application.

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We are always available to help folks in need. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can reach us directly by e-mail at support@organicapps.com.

If email is not your cup of milk, then try sending us a message below. We always want to hear your thoughts and feedback!